Register Today and Attempt Mock Gpat at any time on or before 20th January 2018

PRACTICE Mock Test Instructions:

  1. The test duration is for 3 hours.
  2. You can attempt the exam at any time of your choice in your computer or laptop with good internet connection on or before 20th January 2017.
  3. The test consists of 125 questions. All are objective type questions.
  4. One question appears at each time. You can move to previous or next question by clicking on respective number button.
  5. The answer can be changed any number of times during the test period.
  6. Color coding is available to know unanswered and answered questions.
  7. “Remind me later” color coding is also available.
  8. Time left will be displayed on the top of the window. In the process of test, if power cut or internet disruption happens, the test will break up and you need to start again.
  9. After completion of 3 hours time, the test closes automatically. Of course if you want to finish the exam before the full time, you can click submit.
  10. Once you click SUBMIT button, you are not allowed to do any changes later. So, click it only at the completion of your exam. Click submit button, ONLY AFTER COMPLETION OF TOTAL EXAM.
  11. After completion of your test and clicking submit button, you will get your SCORE immediately with complete details of number of correct and wrong answers.
  12. Preferred browsers are Google chrome and Mozilla firefox with flash player plugin.

For any problem during exam, please call us on

8500444400 (Sankar),
9550458351 (Sai), or
7989759439 (Eswar).



Dear GPAT Aspirants,

  • To provide an opportunity for GPAT aspirants to practice the simulated test
  • To provide an opportunity to test self time management
  • To offer some academic benefits to merit students
  • To encourage and build confidence in GPAT aspirants
  • To give an opportunity for 3rd B.Pharm students to attempt GPAT mock test (which is not possible with original GPAT)

Benefits with Mock Gpat

  • You can have practice on mock GPAT exam
  • You can learn the importance of time management
  • You can understand the influence of negative marks and its impact on your total score
  • You can face the depth of questions
  • You can understand the multidisciplinary coverage of various corners of pharmacy subjects
  • You can be free from fear of online exam
  • Any Pharmacy student can utilize the opportunity to know how a GPAT exam will be
  • Register your details at on or before 20th Jan 2018
  • Pay the registration fee of Rs. 250/- on or before 20th Jan 2018 ,
  • Send payment particulars to
  • Get the username and password
  • Log-in and write your exam at
  • Get your score immediately on submitting the exam

Score Instructions

  • Each question has 4 options, out of which only one option is correct answer
  • Each correct answer carries 4 marks
  • Each wrong answer carries -1 mark
  • Each unattempted question carries no marks


Mode of Examination

ONLINE Exam at your preferred internet center or at your home pc/laptop with good internet connection.

How to Apply?

Fill the Online Application Form and click Submit button. Then pay the registration fee of Rs.250/- through any one of the payment modes mention in registration desk. Then submit the payment particulars to for confirmation of registration.
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B.Pharm 3rd year, 4th year and B.Pharm completed students

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