Dear Team Members,

Greetings from SKB National Pharma Quiz 2017-18 Organizing Committee,

Prelims Exam Date: 7th January 2018, Sunday 10 AM – 11 AM.


NOTE-1: "Prelims Exam Login Username and Password will be mailed to teams on or before 4 PM, January 6th 2018. Please check your SPAM folder once. If not received, send a request mail with your particulars to"

NOTE-2: "After log-in, at 10 AM, once do refresh, you will get an exam link with title “Start Quiz”, click on that to get your Prelims exam questions one by one"

  • All the 2 students in a team have to stay in front of ONLY ONE computer (or laptop) and have to attempt the exam. DON’T open the exam in second computer or laptop or mobile or anything else, it will block your exam automatically and you will be disqualified. There must be only one log-in for one team. You are not considered as 2 students, you are considered as 1 team.
  • You may try login on Saturday night at to check your system compatibility and read the instructions. Then log-out from top right corner option.
  • Preferred browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Don’t use Internet Explorer.
  • If there is internet of low speed or power cut, then you will loose your exam, hence plan properly. Organizers are not responsible for that. Please understand that a back end slow down of your internet may be a problem for your loss of exam and your score may not reach to our server.
  • Please log-in at least 15 minutes before the exam time on 7th January 2018, automatically you will get an exam link at 10 AM, else click F5 or Ctrl+F5 to refresh and click on that link (Start Quiz) ONCE to get the question paper in new window. Don't do multiple clicks. Check for new window with question screen. Exam is from 10 AM – 11 AM.
  • Total 80 objective questions for one hour and each question displays only for 45 seconds. Within that time you have to select your option among the given four options. Whether you keep answer or not, after 45 seconds, automatically there will be display of next question. Like that one after another, the whole 80 questions will pass on.
  • On the top portion, there will be second’s timer running for individual question as well as for whole Quiz exam.
  • There will be 5 marks for correct answer, ONE negative mark (-1) TWO negative marks (-2) for wrong answer and no marks if you won't keep any answer. It is not compulsory to keep answer for every question, you can also ignore if you don’t know the answer. But the next question comes only after 45 seconds.
  • After the completion of all 80 questions in the exam, you will get your score immediately. During the time of completion of last question, if your internet is down the server may not receive your score. So, your internet speed is the key factor for any such online exam. Please be aware of that fact.
  • Overall merit list will be announced on next day of exam i.e., on 8th January 2018.
  • Every participant will be provided e-certificate.
  • Don't refresh the page/don't press back button or open any other windows during exam which will block your exam.

Don’t share with anyone else. Whole team should write in ONLY ONE computer.


  1. If you have not received your login details contact the numbers given in (Manish, Yogesh, Dixit)
  2. If problem is during exam time, then contact on below numbers.

Sankar: 8500444400
Eswar: 7989759439