1. I am 3rd B.Pharmacy student, Am I eligible to be a part of quiz team?

Ans: YES. You can be a part of team. A team should comprise of 2 students from any class or any branch of Pharmacy. However both the participants must be from same college.

2. In our college we are 8 students and all are interested to participate in quiz, shall we form 4 teams

Ans: YES. You can form as 4 teams and get registered. Any number of teams can participate from each college.

3. What is the last date to apply for quiz?

Ans: Teams should enrol their names online on/before last date. Later applied teams will not be considered.

4. Where I have to apply for quiz?

Ans: You are just a click away. It is completely online registration. You have to fill all your team members' particulars and pay the registration fee. Then send payment partuculars along with Authorization letter to given mail id. That completes your registration.

5. What is the entry fee or registration fee to participate in quiz?

Ans: There is a nominal registration fee of Rs. 200/- per each team.

6. What is the syllabus for quiz?

Ans: It is purely a Pharma Quiz, so the syllabus will be within Pharmacy subjects and Pharmacy related knowledge.

7. How shall I attempt Preliminary round?

Preliminary round is online based exam. It is scheduled on 24th Sep’ 2017, Sunday from 10 AM to 11.15 AM. You can attempt from your own place, in your personal computer or laptop or in internet café which has good internet connection and power back up. No need to come anywhere.

8. When we will get the username and password to attempt online preliminary round?

Ans: We will send the username and password at least 2 days before the preliminary exam date.

9. We are 2 students in a team, how shall we attempt preliminary round?

Ans: Two students form as a single team, your team will be given one username and password. All your team members (2 students) have to stay in front of one computer/laptop and have to answer the questions. You should NOT open the exam in multiple computers/laptops/systems which will lead to blockade of your account and your team will be rejected from quiz.

10. How will be the pattern of preliminary round?

Ans: Preliminary round is an online exam scheduled on Sept’ 24 th 2017. 100 objective questions (rapid fire type); each question will be displayed for 45 seconds on quiz portal and the team has to select the answer, whether answer is selected or not, the question will disappear and the next question will appear. In this manner 100 questions will be displayed and have to be answered in 75 minutes. Once the question is gone, it will not come back. Each correct answer will score 5 marks. Each wrong answer will score ONE negative mark (-2). No attempt, no marks.

11. When will we get the score of preliminary round and details about whether we are qualified in prelims or not?

Ans: You will get your score immediately once the time up for online exam. However, overall merit list will be announced officially on next day or prelims in our web portal.

12. If I start my preliminary exam late, what will happen?

Ans: As it is time based exam, if you start late, you will miss the initial questions and only remaining questions are available for you. Hence, it is advised to open your exam portal at least 10 minutes before the exam time, i.e., log-in with your details by 9.50 AM or even earlier.

13. Where should I come for semi-finals, if I got selected in preliminary round?

Semi-finals and Finals will be organized at Shri Vishnu College of Pharmacy, Bhimavaram-534201, West Godavari Dist., Andhra Pradesh, India.. If your team got selected in preliminary round, then you have to plan for your presence there. Organizers will communicate further instructions to the selected teams for their participation in semi-finals and finals.

14. Will you pay the transport and accommodation allowances for semi-finals and finals?

Ans: We encourage talent and certainly there will be some concern towards your financial burden to participate in semifinals. We are working on it. Anyhow, we will provide you accommodation and hospitality for all the selected teams on the day of Semi-finals and Finals.

15. Is authorization letter compulsory? How to submit it?

Ans: For Prelims there is no need of authorization letter. But if you are selected for semifinals then you hae to submit the authorization letter from your organization as per the proforma given by organizers at that time.

16. If I have still some doubts, whom should I contact?

Ans: You are most welcome to contact us. You can contact our team members (details given in web page) over phone or can mail us: Feel free to contact us to clarify any of your doubts related to quiz and we will be happy to serve you better.